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Terms & Conditions

Here at Alpha we strive to offer the best customer service possible, and there some terms and conditions of our service that you need to be aware of.


The following terms and conditions of our service apply to all customers and item(s) taken into the shop.

1. All items taken in by Alpha Laundry are done so at the owner's risk. When item(s) are taken in, they will be inspected. If any item(s) appear to be of particular risk, or special cleaning required associated with risk, the customer will be informed and may be asked to sign a note giving their consent and understanding of the risk involved.

2. When taking in item(s), an agreed collection date for the item(s) will be arranged. Customers are not obliged to collect their item(s) on that exact date. However, Alpha Laundry cannot offer long-term storage. Therefore, customers are to be aware that we, Alpha Laundry, will hold a customer’s item(s) up to the term of three months following the due customer collection date. After this period, we Alpha Laundry, can no longer store the item(s) and therefore hold the right to withdraw the item(s) from the store accordingly. If item(s) are disposed after this three-month period and a customer attempts to collect the item(s) in question, we Alpha Laundry, are not obliged to offer any compensation for any item(s) removed from the store after this three-month period.

3. We, Alpha Laundry, will accept no responsibility to item(s) in a service wash becoming subjective to colour run in the washing process. We, Alpha Laundry, will wash lights and darks separately upon a customer’s request, however this will incur an additional charge.

4. We, Alpha Laundry, will accept no responsibility for any individual item(s) claiming to have been lost from a service wash. As a service wash is accepted in bulk, individual item(s) are not inventoried or itemised and therefore we, Alpha Laundry, are not obliged to offer any compensation for a customer claiming loss for an individual item.

5. Alpha Laundry takes the utmost care with customer’s item(s), however, responsibility will not be accepted by Alpha Laundry when damage has occurred to customers item(s) when the article was damaged prior to the cleaning process from general wear and tear, or negligence on the customers part.


6. When item(s) are taken in, we, Alpha Laundry, will agree with the customer whether payment will be made when the item(s) are taken in, or upon collection. Customers must be aware that if payment is to be made upon collection of their item(s), we Alpha Laundry, hold the right to not release a customer’s item(s) until full payment has been made. Please note, this also coincides with the notice period of three months in which item(s) are kept in the store, as mentioned in point number 2.

7. We, Alpha Laundry, reserve the right to charge interest for the late payment of invoices, in line with the following:

- If the invoice payment is 14 to 28 days late, interest of 1% will be charged

- If the invoice payment is 29 to 56 days late, interest of 4% will be charged

- If the invoice payment is more than 56 days late, legal action will be instigated 

8. We, Alpha Laundry, will not accept any rude, angry, offensive or abusive behaviour to the staff or to the store itself. Any such behaviour or action will be challenged in the appropriate manner and legal action will be taken when appropriate. We Alpha Laundry, hold the right to deny any member of the public access to the store for any reasons deemed necessary. Any attempt to unlawfully enter, or trespass on the premises will be challenged with the full extent of the law.


9. CCTV is in operation and/will be stored for a minimum of 30 days. It can/will be used as evidence in any claim against item(s) or customers.

10. All Item(s) are left at owners own risk. We will not be held liable for any damages to items(s) we clean. By leaving your item(s), you accept the terms and conditions.

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